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High Desert Dahlias

Flower U-Pick at the Farm

Flower U-Pick at the Farm

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Come and wander through an acre of flowers while you select your own blooms!  We love seeing the smiles our field brings you and the new friends it makes for us.  Everyone leaves with a smile. My favorite experience of last season was hearing someone in the field tell her friend that she felt like she was in a dream.  

We will have snips for you to use.  In order to keep our plants as healthy as possible, we don't allow snips or scissors to be brought in. You may walk among our dahlias, but cutting of dahlias will be done by our staff only. We will have a selection available, or if you see one that you want, you can let us know and we will be happy to help you get it. We appreciate your cooperation with this.  Since we sell our dahlia tubers, we must protect the health of these plants.  

U-pick is available during our open hours or by arrangement only.  Follow our social media accounts to be updated for open times or contact us to schedule your visit. We do not allow drop-ins. All visitors to the farm pay the $5 per person feet on the farm/picking pass. Containers will be provided.

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